The webmaster is familiar with the secondary development of BARTENDER software

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Bartender barcode software, as the most widely used barcode editing software, has been carefully studied by the webmaster for more than 10 years, from the earliest version of bartender 7.75 to the current version 10.x.


Although I am very proficient in Codesoft barcode editing software, I would prefer to recommend users to use bartender as an integrated suite of enterprise barcode editing software and barcode system development.

Therefore, I am taking orders here, and only accepting software orders for secondary development of bartender. Users who need the secondary development of bartender on this site, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

The secondary development of bartender software has no geographical restrictions, as long as you give me a detailed list of the functions required by your barcode management software.

Attached below are the latest differences between each version of the bartender.

BarTender Version Summary

BarTender is available in four editions, providing a variety of functions to meet the various needs of users. This basic overview is followed by a more detailed feature and version comparison table.

Printer Licensing: Both automation versions do not limit the number of network users. In these editions, authorization is based on the maximum number of printers used by BarTender on the network.

Enterprise Automation Edition

The most powerful version with all the design, printing, software integration and access to external data sources of the automated version, plus advanced server features such as central printing, security and management. RFID and all card printing and smart card encoding capabilities are supported. The BarTender Web Print Server included with this release supports printing labels from any browser. This release also includes our most advanced integration features such as TCP/IP Triggers, SAP AII, Oracle XML, XML Transformation and XML Scripting. And the comprehensive functionality offered by companion apps like Librarian makes it even easier to use. You can also track printer parts inventory and media usage within the printer.

Automation version

Included Features  - All of BarTender's most powerful design features. Various software integration tools such as ActiveX Automation, enterprise messaging tools, and Seagull's Commander utility (for cross-platform integration). All access to external data sources in the Professional Edition, plus support for SAP IDocs. Support for RFID tags and labels. All card printing capabilities (but only magnetic stripe encoding). Includes all companion apps except Librarian, but not all features. Contains only logging functionality from the local database.

Features removed  - The improved server functionality, advanced integration (eg: XML and SAP AII) and network printing capabilities of the Enterprise Automation Edition (see above) are not available. Smartcard encoding is not included. Does not contain Librarian. Some features of the companion app have been removed. Does not include the logging capabilities of a centralized database. There is also no inventory control for printer consumables.

PC Licensing: Professional and Basic editions are licensed based on the number of PCs used.

Professional Edition

Included Features  - All of BarTender's most powerful label design features. Data access to network databases (using OLE DB and ODBC) as well as spreadsheets and text files. Support for RFID tags and labels. All card printing capabilities (but only magnetic stripe encoding). Contains two companion applications: Batch Maker and Print Station.

Removed features  - cannot be controlled from other software. (No ActiveX, Commander, or command line.) No support for SAP or XML. No logging or email error warnings are provided. There is also no way to export printer code templates. Also excludes all the features removed by the automated version. Smartcard encoding is not included. Does not include Printer Maestro. Several companion apps have also been removed.

Basic version

Features Included  – The most commonly used label design features. Includes all text, graphics, barcodes and most serialization functions. Only useful for label data provided via keyboard and scanner. Includes most card printing capabilities (but can only encode magnetic stripes). Companion apps include Print Station only.

Removed Features  – No access to external data. The label format is not password protected, does not support VB script customization, and only provides limited text filtering capabilities. Does not include all features removed by the professional version, and does not include Batch Maker.

Feature and version comparison table

The features provided by the four editions of the BarTender suite of applications are listed in the table below, with a feature-by-feature comparison.

Abbreviated version title:

EA= Enterprise Automation
A= Automation
P= Professional Edition
B= Basic

Tables use characters:

=Support all functions
=Support some functions
=Supports a shareable centralized database
=Only supports local databases
=Supports all printers and print jobs on the network
=Available for local and network printers (and print jobs) with drivers installed on the local PC

Current feature comparison mode:


Issuance of licenses based on the number of printers used

Issuance of licenses based on the number of PCs used

Free phone and email technical support for properly registered users
HTML-based context-sensitive help
User interface has been translated into more than 20 languages
Companion app (more details...)
Commander. (Controls how BarTender responds to triggers from other programs)

Security Center. (Provides security features for other applications in the suite, such as user permissions and document encryption)

Printer Maestro. (managing printers and print queues on the network)

Librarian. (Controlling access, managing workflow, and tracking revisions to BarTender documents and other files in a secure database)

History browser. (View logs stored in the BarTender system database)

Reprint Console. (Reprint a previously printed job)

Print Station. (Provides an easy interface to select and print BarTender documents with a single click)
Batch Maker. ("Batch" defines and prints multiple BarTender documents)
template design
True WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) template design
New Document wizard ensures proper printer selection and allows maximum print speed
Duplex (duplex) design and printing
Point-click to create all objects, including text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes, and graphic images
To simplify transitions from legacy systems, support for importing and highlighting photos of old labels, cards or badges for use as a design aid
Unlimited undo/redo commands
Support for resizing and repositioning objects using multiple methods: mouse, arrow keys, input values
Automatically align multiple objects
During the print job process, the template object is modified by the program

Supports rotation of lines, shapes, text and graphics by a tenth of a degree
"Move to Front" and "Send to Back"
Grouping and ungrouping of multiple objects
Live database view of objects in the template design area
Export barcodes to other programs
Full color, pattern and gradient support for all template objects
Optional automatic text, barcode and graphic borders
Combine multiple template objects into reusable components
Library of "ready-to-print" labels, cards, and badge templates
Support for viewing thumbnail previews of saved BarTender documents in BarTender and Windows Explorer
Metric and US measurement units
Label rolls and other media
Templates are designed to be up to 128 inches (3.25 m) in length and/or width (depending on printer and driver limitations)
There is no limit to how many labels, cards or tags can be arranged in how many rows and/or columns per workbook
The Page Setup wizard assists in specifying the proper media size
Extensive database of brand label, card and mark sizes
Supported rectangle, circle, and oval media
Diverse font support: OpenType, TrueType, Adobe, PostScript, downloadable built-in printer fonts
On-screen text editing and resizing
Powerful "rich text" formatting via on-screen WYSIWYG editor
Stretch text horizontally or vertically
Automatic real-time resizing of text to fit predefined height and width
Paragraph formatting: multiple alignment methods, line spacing controls, indentation, inter-paragraph spacing
Kerning and character spacing controls
Outline font
Arc and circle text
user-defined tab stops
Black-on-white text printing (with one mouse click)
RTF, HTML and XAML support
Various 1D and 2D symbologies
Extensive library of industry standard barcode formats
Display start/stop characters (optional)
Unlimited variable width and height
The minimum width is limited only by the printer resolution
GS1 (formerly UCC/EAN) Application Identifier Data Source Wizard
Automatically check digital ability
Sequentially numbered barcodes
Put "readable" text anywhere in relation to the barcode
Customizable "readable" character templates
Suppress or display characters from different subfields individually
Graphics, images and symbols
Draw lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles, triangles, polygons, arrows, arcs, stars and many other shapes
Multiple dashed and compound line styles
Fill options for lines and shapes include solid colors, multi-point gradients, patterns, and bitmaps
Import over 70 graphic formats including BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, GIF, IMG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG, PDF and more
Integrated online clip art search and import
TWAIN and WIA support for image scanners and cameras
Basic image processing: adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, smoothness, cropping, and more
Industry-specific graphic symbol font library
Linked graphics allow external graphics to change dynamically
Specify the background image and color of the template
Supports over 3,000 industrial printers
Standard Windows driver that can be used by other programs
Seagull driver with status monitoring capability to display printer status in standard Windows spooler
Duplex (duplex) design and printing
Multiple templates per document
Integrated Job Separator Template
Batch Maker  can define and print multiple BarTender documents in "batch"
Print Station  supports document selection and printing with easy clicks
Print templates based on conditions

Allows exporting printer code templates to XML-capable printers

Advanced on-screen print preview
Advanced Clipping Controls
Support for setting start positions on partially used labels, cards or badge pages
Supports printer-based barcodes, serial numbers, time, date, and copies
Speed optimizations reuse duplicate data instead of resending it
Local and network printer support
Number of prints can be set from keyboard or data source
Card printing and encoding
Image capture function when printing, support WIA and VFW webcam
Automatic face detection and cropping

Magnetic stripe coding
Smart Card Encoding (Contact and Contactless)

Basic serialization: numbers (base 10), letters (base 26) and concatenated sequences of numbers and letters that can be incremented/decremented at any interval
Advanced serialization: alphanumeric (base 36), hexadecimal (base 16) and custom base serialization
Separate roll-up/roll-down options and value reset options
Field length can be hidden or extended when scrolling
Get external data sources
Design print-time data entry forms for keyboard and barcode scanner data
Data entry form supports data from weighing scales

Support for Microsoft OLE DB and ODBC, including drivers for: Access, AS/400, Btrieve, dBase, Excel, Informix, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle Database, Pervasive.SQL, PostgreSQL, Progress, SQL Server, Sybase, etc. Wait
Read Excel file
Read ASCII and Unicode text files (quote delimited, comma delimited, fixed width, user defined delimiters)
SAP certified AII (Auto ID Infrastructure) XML document interface

Read data from SAP IDocs

Oracle Authentication Interface for XML Print Requests

Drag and drop data links
Diversified multi-table data access
Import variable graphics from database
Data Query Wizard and Custom SQL Assistant
Select individual records when printing
data processing
System-wide Unicode support (field names, files,
servers, printers, etc.)
Customize data processing through Visual Basic scripting
Support for document open, close, save and print events via Visual Basic scripting

Search and replace function while printing
Minimum and maximum lengths of user-definable fields
Use and/or exclude selected portions of database fields
Customizable data entry filters and error checking
Configure your own handling of individual messages and warnings

Each template object is linked to multiple data sources
Data sources are keyboard, time and date (from PC or printer)
Ease of entering special and "non-printable" control characters
Shareable data fields
Supported data types include: text, date, time, number, currency, percent and fraction
Standard integration
Can run as a "background" application

Control from other programs using ActiveX

Control from other programs using the command line

Commander  integration utility: senses data coming in, then starts printing tasks and records results

Specify BarTender documents and data to print from within other programs

Automatic printer selection

Logging to File: Errors and Events
Log to database: errors and events, and BarTender print job details

Customize error, event and status emails

Export printer code templates for SAPscript-ITF, keyboards, XML-enabled printers, etc.

System Administration and Security
Security Center  manages user permissions and encrypts documents

Security Center  supports electronic signatures and log permission requests

Support password lock document
Lock BarTender in Password-Protected "Print-Only" Mode
History Explorer to audit past print jobs and other events

Record all printed images

Record revision numbers and descriptions of changes to documentation files
Librarian  manages document publishing, revision tracking, and recovery in a secure database

Advanced Integration
Certified by SAP for integration with AII

Read data from SAP IDocs

Oracle certified for seamless integration with WMS and MSCA

Oracle XML Integration Using TCP/IP Sockets

Support for IBM WebSphere Sensor Events

Commander  handles file, email and serial port triggers

Commander  Enhanced supports TCP/IP triggers and data transfer

Commander  is optimized to receive, initiate and monitor new print jobs without waiting for existing jobs to complete

Commander  can return XML status responses as a file or via a TCP/IP port

Detailed print job status available to other programs using ActiveX

The .NET SDK controls one BarTender at a time. (C# and VB.NET examples included)

.NET SDK to control multiple BarTender instances at once

.NET SDK for BarTender System Database supports automated checking and reprinting of past print jobs

The .NET SDK for Librarian supports automated addition, deletion, renaming, check-in/check-out, etc. of files

ASP.NET Customizable Web Browser Printing Application Example

Automatically convert different XML formats using XSL stylesheets

BarTender XML Command Scripting Speeds Automation and Simplifies Remote Control

RFID support
Full-featured native RFID object
Encoding EPC Gen2, EPC Class 1, ISO 18000-6b, ISO 15693, Tag-It,
I-CODE, TagSys, My-d and Picotag tag types

Supports DoD, Wal-Mart and other EPC data formats including SGTIN, SSCC, GIAI, GID, GRAI, SGLN
Support for many single-byte and double-byte code pages, including Asian languages, UTF-8 and UTF-16
Text or hexadecimal representation of RFID data can be reproduced in text or barcode form
Supports optional write protection
"Segmentation" and "start block" support, including writing multiple blocks
Configurable printer's RFID options (eg: Transponder Offset and Maximum Retries)
Display the antenna, chip and substrate on the label. Choose from predefined or specify custom antenna bitmaps
Enterprise Print Management
Optimized for high-throughput tag requests to one or more servers by multiple network users

Browser-based web and internet printing

Support for Windows Cluster Server

The Reprint Console allows you to search and reprint past jobs

Configure security, spooler, and other selected driver settings for multiple printers at once

Printer Maestro  displays the status of all Windows print jobs in one window

Printer Maestro  tracks printer media usage and printer parts inventory. Generate custom warnings.

Logs include not only printer events for BarTender print jobs, but also printer events for Windows print jobs

Specify custom alerts for printer events and low inventory levels

International language support

BarTender is available in several international languages, and you can switch the display language of the user interface as needed:

(Simplified and Traditional)
(Europe and Brazil)

Barcode Support

BarTender has the power and flexibility to design virtually any barcode or label standard. But why create your own designs from scratch if you don't have to? BarTender ships with the following components:

  • Over 400 pre-formatted, ready-to-use barcode components based on:

    • 59 different barcode symbologies

    • 12 additional barcode standards

  • 16 Examples of Standard Label Designs